Tree dismantling and felling

Wherever possible, we aim to protect and preserve trees, however there are times when trees have to come down either to make way for construction projects or because they have become hazardous through storm damage, accidental trauma, structural weakness or disease.

Trees which are known to be dead, dying or damaged present a significant risk to the public, especially in urban areas and extreme care must be taken to dismantle or fell them safely. This is skilled work requiring specialist equipment, stringent health and safety procedures and a thorough knowledge of arboriculture.

Our team of highly-trained professionals is managed by Steve Lakin, owner of Elmbridge Tree Services who has decades of experience in the tree care industry.
Please note: Many trees are protected in the UK so before we remove any tree, checks must be made to ensure it is not covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or situated within a Conservation Area.

Sectional dismantling

When a tree has to come down in a confined space, felling is not an option, so we undertake sectional dismantling instead, bringing the tree down a piece at a time.
This is highly skilled work where experience and knowledge are needed and since each tree and its circumstances are unique, the Elmbridge Tree Services team will discuss the project, identify any particular hazards, then decide the most appropriate technique and equipment to use.

An arborist will usually climb to the top of the tree to anchor his main climbing rope, then come down to the lowest branch to begin cutting but if the tree is dead or dangerously unstable we use a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) to access the tree.

Ropes are used to lower branches to the ground, where they are cut up into manageable sections and taken away to produce logs. Stringent health and safety procedures are adhered to throughout the process.


Felling is only possible where there is sufficient space around the tree to bring it down safely in one piece. Elmbridge Tree Services’ team of professional tree surgeons has the knowledge, experience and specialist equipment to fell and remove even the largest trees.

All material is removed and forwarded as timber or recycled as logs or wood chippings. Stump removal services are also offered if required.

Tree dismantling and felling