All tree workers at Elmbridge Tree Services undergo thorough training in both arboriculture and health and safety; all are qualified in their field; and the company’s policy of continuous professional development ensures that standards are kept high and knowledge is updated.

Safety is paramount at Elmbridge Tree Services and stringent procedures are in place to safeguard both employees and the public when tree work is being carried out. Great care is given to the provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and in-depth training is provided in health and safety procedures. The powerful machinery used for tree work has the potential to be extremely dangerous, so the team at Elmbridge Tree Services receive specialist training in the use of each piece of equipment and regular refresher sessions.

Tree work regularly involves working at height, another area in which the team receives specialist training. All climbing and rigging equipment is regularly checked (LOLER) by an external professional, and individual items are tagged and passed, with approval for use. This information is filed and kept for reference as part of our annual quality audit.