Site clearance

Elmbridge Tree Services has a long history of offering site clearance services to domestic, commercial and local authority customers, but particularly to the construction industry.

With the necessary permission in place to remove trees from a site, the team of expert arboriculturists at Elmbridge Tree Services surveys the site and formulates a detailed removal plan for each tree. Where there is sufficient open space around a tree it may be felled in one piece, however in the majority of cases, with the development of smaller building plots, felling is not an option and trees need to be dismantled, i.e. brought down in sections. This is highly specialised work requiring extensive training, experience and a head for heights.

Once a tree has been brought down, it is removed from the site, along with all waste and debris for recycling. Where space allows, large sections of timber are lifted onto a forwarding trailer and removed to a location of your choice or disposed of by ourselves in line with our sustainability policy. If there is no space to deploy a tractor with lifting gear and a forwarding trailer, we cut the timber into manageable sections for removal. Smaller branches are chipped to produce wood chippings that have a number of applications – they can be used for moisture retention, weed control and soil improvement in domestic and public gardens and for laying woodland pathways, for example.

Elmbridge Tree Services also provides stump grinding and removal services, whereby the stump and root ball left behind when a tree has been felled or dismantled is ground out using specialist machinery. The hole this operation creates is then filled in with the resultant chippings and soil, leaving a flat area ready for redevelopment.

Where trees have to be removed, we encourage the replanting of new trees and are pleased to offer advice on the most suitable species to plant and the best siting of the new trees in relation to the development plans for the site.

Site clearance