Pollarding & Coppicing

Pollarding is a pruning system in which branches are pruned back to the primary limbs or main trunk depending on the species. This promotes a dense head of foliage and branches and maintains trees at a predetermined height.

Once a tree has been pollarded, the process will need to be repeated every three to seven years depending on the type of tree.

Coppicing is a traditional woodland management method used for trees that make new growth from their roots or stump when cut down. In this procedure we cut down all the tree’s branches close to ground level.

All material is removed and recycled unless the customer wishes to retain the harvested branches for other purposes. New shoots will emerge from the stump or roots, which can be harvested after a number of years and the cycle begins again.

The team at Elmbridge Tree Services has extensive knowledge and experience of pollarding and coppicing and we are happy to offer advice as to whether this procedure would be appropriate for your trees, give us a call on 01372 466020 to arrange a consultation.

Pollarding & Coppicing